Return Policy

Dear friends:

About toy guns:

1 Please note every country or state has own rules about playing toy guns,so please know local rules before place the order and obey the rulels when you
play toy guns.
2 Some country maybe can not buy some items outside their country.Like Singapore,Philippines,Netherlands,can not buy airsoft toy guns abroad .
3 So to products like drones,toy guns etc.please know the rules of your country or state before you place the order.
4 It is better to choose colorful one that can see as a toy at first sight.For safety,please note do not play toy gun on street,at school,at night etc.
5 Pointing toy gun at the police or Pointing at traffic are prohibited.Please note player shoulde bear the legal responsibility.
6 When children play toy guns, it is best to be accompanied by an adult.and for safty, it is best to wear goggles,masks,helmets etc.
Please do not shoot at face,eyes!
7 please do not paint toy guns to other colors which too much like true ones.
8 please do not change original structure of toy guns.
9 please do not use other bullets or other items like stone or glass ball,intead of our safe soft bullets.
10 Fully charge the new battery before using it,so can prolong battery service life.
Don't use till battery completely no energe then recharge it.Otherwise it won't be charged.
You can use USB to recharge battery.When fully charged, the lights automatically turn off or become green.
11 If the clip does not hold the bullets, it means the bullet is old, please replace the bullets.
12 Please note do not let baby eat the bullets!
13 if can not shoot out the softbullets when play the toy gun ,please stop shooting. Remove the battery first,then clear the jam bullets ,then you can shoot
again,otherwise it is easy to destroy the motor.
14 The magazine can only hold the specified number of bullets.Otherwise the deformed bullet is easy to jam ,cause damage to components. You can buy more magazines to hold more softbullets if need.

Thank you !

About drones
1 Please note every country or state has own rules about drones, some country maybe can not buy some items abroad,or need play drones in specific areas.So please know the rules of your country or your state before you place the order.
2 Please note buyers should obey their own country or state rules.
Do not play drones on street,at school,on night . Spying on neighbors, flying over airports, flying when drunk, flying over crowd etc. ,such behaviors are prohibited,and please note player shoulde bear the legal responsibility.
Thank you !


For most items can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of receipt of your parcel . Please contact Customer Service:, indicating the item(s) you would like to return and the reason.

Note:For some items like drones:

-we accept return goods within 7 days. This warranty don't fit damage caused by accident, misuse, or modification. The parcel should be without error or damage which will affect the second-sales.

-If the Item DOA(Dead of Arrival),please contact us via as soon as you receive the DOA goods.  Buyer can return it in 7 days,we will replace it with new item after we receive DOA item. And please contact us via before you send it back.

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